Qu’est-ce que le CEMU?

The Enterprise University Centre (CEMU) UNEATLANTICO aims to provide students with the search for professional internship, promote their insertion into the job market, as well as to guide them in the creation of their own businesses.

To achieve these purposes, a large network of collaboration with companies and institutions has been created, which work in coordination with the University in terms of innovation, vocational guidance and entrepreneurship.

Services offered by the CEMU

Practical training in companies and institutions

  • Introduction to the Company. Students in the first and second year enjoy their first contact with the job market.
  • Internship. Students of all degrees of UNEATLANTICO participate in this mandatory program during the last years of their training period.
  • Final Project in Companies Program. To perform the Final Project (FP) in a real work environment.
  • External Academic Internship. Voluntary training in companies, recognized in the European Diploma Supplement.

Professional Insertion Itineraries

Actions aimed at discovering the job market and job-search techniques.

  • Visits to work centres.
  • Company in the Classroom Programme. Managers, technicians, owners and/or entrepreneurs come to the classroom to share with students their professional experience.
  • Empléate Programme. Aimed at the search for employment: curriculum vitae writing, interview preparation, social media positioning, group dynamics, etc.
  • Job Offers. Presentation of the opportunities for public and private employment.

Training for Entrepreneurs

The curriculum of all degrees offered by UNEATLANTICO includes a subject on business economy and entrepreneurship, oriented towards the knowledge acquisition to develop new business ideas.

Business and Professional Counselling

UNEATLANTICO counts with a Business and Professional Council (CEP) formed by enterprises, institutions and professionals who know and regularly valuate

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